Beatles England

I know England and I know the Beatles.

I've traveled to England six times - the first three to see the Beatles and their stomping grounds, and the last three to visit more of the country itself and to revisit some of the Beatles landmarks.

I bring a unique perspective and knowledge to all Beatles and England tours I arrange.

You see, I was president of the official George Harrison Fan Club from 1965 to 1972. I have the charter to prove it - signed in my presence by George Harrison himself! (This was the only fan club ever authorized by, or for, any of the Beatles.) (See picture below)

Visit Beatles Liverpool, Beatles London, or both!

When you travel with Pixie Dust Tours, I arrange all transportation, hotels, and tours. 

You can take walking tours, escorted tours, driving tours, or self-guided tours. If there's a specific Beatles landmark you want to see, I will find it for you. Just contact me, and let me know what you're looking for.