Rock 'n' Roll Tours

We all have a favorite band, right? Well, imagine following them around as a hobby. Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you it's lots of fun.

If you like the Beatles and were around during the 60s British Invasion, you might remember the British duo Peter and Gordon. They broke up in the late 60s, but in 2005 they reunited at B.B. King's Blues Club in New York City. They toured sporadically until 2009, when, sadly, Gordon passed away. But Peter did not stop singing or touring, and he continues to perform today. I know, because I follow Peter around. In fact, I have seen him in concert 100+ times and am part of his Merchandise Team. This hobby has taken me to 25+ U.S. states and 4 provinces in Canada.

How would you like to pursue this hobby with your favorite band—wherever they go? Pixie Dust Tours can help.

Once you have booked your concert tickets, call me and I'll arrange the rest.

I locate and book hotels close to the show venues. I book transportation for you and your traveling companions. I even provide information on amenities and restaurants in the area.

People ask why I don't get the tickets for my customers. I feel that you, as groupie, fan, follower, supporter—whatever you want to call yourself—are the most appropriate person to get your own tickets. I consider this a personal matter, as you'll know best when tickets go on sale, and only you know where you want to sit, how close to the stage you want to get, preferred show date and time, the amount you want to pay, etc. When you get your own tickets, you have the best chance of getting exactly what you want.

But, I'll take it from there and get you what you want in terms of travel and lodging.